29th IEEE International Conference on
Data Engineering

Brisbane, Australia | April 8-11, 2013


In conjunction with ICDE 2013
April 8, 2013, Brisbane, Australia


Aims and Scope

The ICDE 2013 Ph.D. Symposium plans to bring together Ph.D. students working on topics related to the coverage of the ICDE Conference series. The goal is to provide a forum for Ph.D. students to present ongoing research in a collaborative environment and to share ideas with other young researchers in an international atmosphere. Participants will discuss their research ideas and results, and they will receive constructive feedback from an audience consisting of peers as well as more senior people. It will be an excellent opportunity for developing person-to-person networks to the benefit of the community and Ph.D. students in their future careers. Furthermore, the symposium will include researchers with experience in supervising and examining Ph.D. students, who will provide feedback and advice. Accepted papers will be published by IEEE, as an ICDE workshop, and will be indexed by DBLP and IEEE Xplore.

We particularly encourage submissions from students who are in the early stages of their studies and thus have a significant future work component, but submissions from more advanced students are also welcome. The latter category will have the opportunity to showcase their results to a wider audience in preparation for a job search, whereas the former can obtain valuable feedback about their research plans and work in progress.

SUBMISSION Requirements

Only active Ph.D. students are eligible to submit, and topics are restricted to their doctoral work. Submissions must be single-author, and the name of the supervisor must be clearly marked ("supervised by ...") on the paper, under the author's name. Advisors may offer some help, but the submission should be primarily written by the Ph.D. student and must be presented by the Ph.D. student.

Topics of interest include all those listed in the Call for Papers for the main conference. Each submission should include

All submissions should be PDF files in IEEE format, as specified by ICDE, and are limited to 4 pages. Submissions should be done via CMT: https://cmt.research.microsoft.com/ICDE2013


Workshop Format

The Ph.D. Symposium will be a full-day workshop consisting of four 90-minute sessions. The schedule will allow ample time for discussions after each presentation. Authors of Ph.D. Symposium papers will be invited to present their work at a poster session during ICDE 2013 if they register for the main conference.

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