29th IEEE International Conference on
Data Engineering

Brisbane, Australia | April 8-11, 2013

ICDE 2013: 29th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering

Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society

Sofitel Brisbane Central Hotel, Brisbane, Australia, April 8-11, 2013


108. Twitter+: Build Personalized Newspaper For Twitter
751. A Generic Database Benchmarking Service
756. Aeolus: An Optimizer for Distributed Intra-Node-Parallel Streaming Systems
763. Crowd-Answering System via Microblogging
767. With a Little Help from My Friends
768. Peeking into the Optimization of Data Flow Programs with MapReduce-style UDFs
771. Very Fast Estimation for Result and Accuracy of Big Data Analytics: the EARL System
772. Road Network Mix-zones for Anonymous Location Based Services
774. Query Time Scaling of Attribute Values in Interval Timestamped Databases
776. Extracting Interesting Related Context-dependent Concepts from Social Media Streams using Temporal Distributions
777. RoadAlarm: a Spatial Alarm System on Road Networks
780. VERDICT: Privacy-Preserving Authentication of Range Queries in Location-based Services
782. Real-time Abnormality Detection System for Intensive Care Management
783. ExpFinder: Finding Experts by Graph Pattern Matching
784. Πgora: An Integration System for Probabilistic Data
789. Complex Pattern Matching in Complex Structures: the XSeq Approach
791. T-Music: A Melody Composer based on Frequent Pattern Mining
795. SHARE: Secure information sHaring frAmework for emeRgency managemEnt
797. KORS: Keyword-aware Optimal Route Search System
801. CrowdPlanr: Planning Made Easy with Crowd
802. ASVTDECTOR: A Practical Near Duplicate Video Retrieval System
805. YumiInt - A Deep Web Integration System for Local Search Engines for Geo-referenced Objects
808. A Demonstration of the G* Graph Database System
810. RECODS: Replica Consistency-On-Demand Store
815. SODIT: An Innovative System for Outlier Detection using Multiple Localized Thresholding and Interactive Feedback
817. COLA: A Cloud-based System for Online Aggregation
820. Tajo: A Distributed Data Warehouse System on Large Clusters