29th IEEE International Conference on
Data Engineering

Brisbane, Australia | April 8-11, 2013

ICDE 2013: 29th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering

Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society

Sofitel Brisbane Central Hotel, Brisbane, Australia, April 8-11, 2013


Research Track Papers

9. Finding Connected Components on Map-reduce in Logarithmic Rounds
22. Similarity Query Processing for Probabilistic Sets
26. Scalable and Parallelizable Processing of Influence Maximization for Large-Scale Social Networks
28. A Unified Model for Stable and Temporal Topic Detection from Social Media Data
46. Voronoi-based Nearest Neighbor Search for Multi-Dimensional Uncertain Databases
49. SociaLite: Datalog Extensions for Efficient Social Network Analysis
56. AFFINITY: Efficiently Querying Statistical Measures on Time-Series Data
58. The Bw-Tree: A B-tree for New Hardware Platforms
62. SubZero: a Fine-Grained Lineage System for Scientific Databases
63. LinkProbe: Probabilistic Inference on Large-Scale Social Networks
75. Sampling Node Pairs Over Graphs
79. C-Cube: Elastic Continuous Clustering in the Cloud
89. FERRARI: Flexible and Efficient Reachability Range Assignment for Graph Indexing
95. Logical Provenance in Data-Oriented Workflows
99. Secure and Efficient Range Queries on Outsourced Databases Using $\widehat{R}$-trees
105. gIceberg: Towards Iceberg Analysis in Large Graphs
113. Link Prediction across Networks by Biased Cross-Network Sampling
118. Forecasting the Data Cube: A Model Configuration Advisor for Multi-Dimensional Data Sets
127. Efficient Search Algorithm for SimRank
132. Top-k Query Processing in Probabilistic Databases with Non-Materialized Views
135. Recycling in Pipelined Query Evaluation
154. SELECT Triggers for Data Auditing
155. Predicting Query Execution Time: Are Optimizer Cost Models Really Unusable?
164. Cleaning Uncertain Data for Top-k Queries
167. Catch the Wind: Graph Workload Balancing on Cloud
175. Interval Reverse Nearest Neighbor Queries on Uncertain Data with Markov Correlations
182. Ficklebase: Looking into the Future to Erase the Past
184. On Answering Why-not Questions in Reverse Skyline Queries
188. HANDS: A Heuristically Arranged Non-Backup In-line Deduplication System
189. Engineering Generalized Shortest Path Queries
192. Finding Distance-Preserving Subgraphs in Large Road Networks
195. Fast Peak-to-Peak Restart for SSD Buffer Pool Extension
199. CPU and Cache Efficient Management of Memory-Resident Databases
219. On Discovery of Gathering Patterns from Trajectories
220. Towards Efficient Search for Activity Trajectories
225. Stratification Driven Placement of Structured Data: A Framework for Distributed Data Analytics
237. Automatic Extraction of Top-k Lists from the Web
247. Optimizing Approximations of Query Lineage in Probabilistic XML
253. On the Relative Trust between Inconsistent Data and Inaccurate Constraints
254. Holistic Data Cleaning: Put Violations Into Context
266. Faster Random Walks By Rewiring Online Social Networks On-The-Fly
279. Identifying Hot and Cold Data in Main-Memory Databases
283. Towards Efficient SimRank Computation on Large Graphs
287. Inferring Data Currency and Consistency for Conflict Resolution
291. Ontology-based subgraph querying
294. Learning from Distant Supervision: Exploiting Web Redundancy for Entity Search
297. RoundTripRank: Graph-based Proximity with Importance and Specificity
300. Finding Interesting Correlations with Conditional Heavy Hitters
302. Accurate and Efficient Private Release of Datacubes and Contingency Tables
329. Graph Stream Classification using Labeled and Unlabeled Graphs
330. Presenting Diverse Location Views with Real-time Near-duplicate Photo Elimination
351. An Efficient and Compact Indexing Scheme for Large-scale Data Store
363. Attribute Extraction and Scoring: A Probabilistic Approach
368. Enumerating Subgraph Instances Using Map-Reduce
379. Top-K Oracle: A New Way to Present Top-K Tuples for Uncertain Data
395. Inverted Linear Quadtree : Efficient Top K Spatial Keyword Search
398. Destination Prediction by Sub-Trajectory Synthesis and Privacy Protection Against Such Prediction
399. Breaking the Top-k Barrier of Hidden Web Databases
401. T-Share: A Large-Scale Dynamic Taxi Ridesharing Service
410. On Incentive-based Tagging
411. Efficient Notification of Meeting Points for Moving Groups via Independent Safe Regions
412. Efficient Distance-Aware Query Evaluation on Indoor Moving Objects
415. The Adaptive Radix Tree: ARTful Indexing for Main-Memory Databases
420. Interval Indexing and Querying on Key-Value Cloud Stores
422. Time Travel in a Scientific Array Database
426. Top-k Graph Pattern Matching over Large Graphs
436. Top Down Plan Generation: From Theory to Practice
438. EAGRE: Towards Scalable I/O Efficient SPARQL Query Evaluation on the Cloud
439. Coupled Clustering Ensemble: Incorporating Coupling Relationships Both between Base Clusterings and Objects
463. Time Travel in Column Stores
476. Maximum Visibility Queries in Spatial Databases
490. Query Optimization for Differentially Private Data Management Systems
517. Utilizing Social Pressure in Recommender Systems
521. Trustworthy Data from Untrusted Databases
528. Secure Nearest Neighbor Revisited
555. Memory-Efficient Algorithms for Spatial Network Queries
562. LSII: An Indexing Structure for Exact Real-Time Search on Microblogs
564. Layered Processing of Skyline-Window-Join (SWJ) Queries using Iteration-Fabric
576. Efficient Snapshot Retrieval over Historical Graph Data
583. Scalable Maximum Clique Computation Using MapReduce
589. Top-k String Similarity Search with Edit-Distance Constraints
595. Focused Matrix Factorization For Audience Selection in Display Advertising
597. Efficient Many-Core Query Execution in Main Memory Column-Stores
612. Main-Memory Hash Joins on Multi-Core CPUs: Tuning to the Underlying Hardware
613. Publicly Verifiable Grouped Aggregation Queries on Outsourced Data Streams
615. Efficient Pattern Search in Compressed Genomic Sequences
648. Differentially Private Grids for Geospatial Data
650. On Shortest Unique Substring Queries
654. Efficient Tracking and Querying for Coordinated Uncertain Mobile Objects
668. TYPifier: Inferring the Type Semantics of Structured Data
678. Revision Provenance in Text Documents of Asynchronous Collaboration
684. Robust Distributed Stream Processing
685. TBF: A Memory-Efficient Replacement Policy for Flash-based Caches
690. Crowdsourced Enumeration Queries
746. SUSIE: Search Using Services and Information Extraction

Industry Track papers

35. Materialization Strategies in the Vertica Analytic Database: Lessons Learned
130. Pipe Break Prediction: A Data Mining Method
479. SASH: Enabling Continuous Incremental Analytic Workflows on Hadoop
647. Automating Pattern Discovery for Rule Based Data Standarization Systems
837. KuaFu: Closing the Parallelism Gap in Database Replication
838. Data Services for E-tailers Leveraging Search Engine Assets
839. HFMS: Managing the Lifecycle and Complexity of Hybrid Analytic Data Flows