29th IEEE International Conference on
Data Engineering

Brisbane, Australia | April 8-11, 2013

ICDE 2013: 29th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering

Sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society

Sofitel Brisbane Central Hotel, Brisbane, Australia, April 8-11, 2013



This PDF of the conference booklet is for your online reference only. Printed hard copies of this booklet will be available for all delegates at the Registration Desk at the conference.

The ICDE program-at-a-glance is also available.

Monday 8 April

9am - 5pm Workshops

  • Data Engineering Meets the Semantic Web – DESWEB
  • Self-Managing Database Systems - SMDB
  • Privacy-Preserving Data Publication and Analysis - PrivDB
  • Mobile Data Analytics - MoDA
  • Data-Driven Decision Guidance and Support Systems - DGSS
  • Graph Data Management: Techniques and Applications - GDM
  • Data Management in the Cloud - DMC

  • Ph.D Symposium -- Program Details

    Tuesday 9 April

    9 - 10:30am

    Keynote 1 (Ballroom 1-2)

    Re-thinking the Performance of Information Processing Systems

    11am - 12:30pm

    R1 - Main Memory Databases (Ballroom 1)

    CPU and Cache Efficient Management of Memory-Resident Databases Identifying Hot and Cold Data in Main-Memory Databases The Adaptive Radix Tree: ARTful Indexing for Main-Memory Databases

    11am - 12:30pm

    R2 - MapReduce algorithms (St Germaine)

    Finding Connected Components on Map-reduce in Logarithmic Rounds Enumerating Subgraph Instances Using Map-Reduce Scalable Maximum Clique Computation Using MapReduce

    11am - 12:30pm

    R3 - Time Travel in Database (Bastille 1)

    Ficklebase: Looking into the Future to Erase the Past Time Travel in a Scientific Array Database Time Travel in Column Stores

    11am - 12:30pm

    R4 - Top-k query in uncertain data (Bastille 2)

    Top-k Query Processing in Probabilistic Databases with Non-Materialized Views Cleaning Uncertain Data for Top-k Queries Top-K Oracle: A New Way to Present Top-K Tuples for Uncertain Data

    11am - 12:30pm

    Seminar 1 (Ballroom 2)

    Machine Learning on Big Data

    11am - 12:30pm

    Seminar 2 (Odeon)

    Big Data Integration

    11am - 12:30pm

    Industry 1 (Concorde)

    Big Data Analytics at Facebook Data Services for E-tailers Leveraging Search Engine Assets SAP HANA Distributed In-Memory Database System: Transaction, Session, and Metadata Management

    2pm - 3:30pm

    R5 - Uncertainty in spatial data (Ballroom 1)

    Voronoi-based Nearest Neighbor Search for Multi-Dimensional Uncertain Databases Interval Reverse Nearest Neighbor Queries on Uncertain Data with Markov Correlations Efficient Tracking and Querying for Coordinated Uncertain Mobile Objects

    2pm - 3:30pm

    R6 - Data extraction (St Germaine)

    Attribute Extraction and Scoring: A Probabilistic Approach TYPifier: Inferring the Type Semantics of Structured Data SUSIE: Search Using Services and Information Extraction

    2pm - 3:30pm

    R7 - Trajectory databases (Bastille 1)

    Towards Efficient Search for Activity Trajectories On Discovery of Gathering Patterns from Trajectories Destination Prediction by Sub-Trajectory Synthesis and Privacy Protection Against Such Prediction

    2pm - 3:30pm

    R8 - Social networks (Bastille 2)

    Scalable and Parallelizable Processing of Influence Maximization for Large-Scale Social Networks SociaLite: Datalog Extensions for Efficient Social Network Analysis LinkProbe: Probabilistic Inference on Large-Scale Social Networks

    2pm - 3:30pm

    Seminar 3 (Odeon)

    Workload Management for Big Data Analytics

    2pm - 3:30pm

    Industry 2 (Concorde)

    HFMS: Managing the Lifecycle and Complexity of Hybrid Analytic Data Flows KuaFu: Closing the Parallelism Gap in Database Replication Materialization Strategies in the Vertica Analytic Database: Lessons Learned

    2pm - 3:30pm

    Demo Groups 1 & 2 (Ballroom 2)

    Twitter+: Build Personalized Newspaper For Twitter A Generic Database Benchmarking Service Aeolus: An Optimizer for Distributed Intra-Node-Parallel Streaming Systems Crowd-Answering System via Microblogging With a Little Help from My Friends Peeking into the Optimization of Data Flow Programs with MapReduce-style UDFs Very Fast Estimation for Result and Accuracy of Big Data Analytics: the EARL System Road Network Mix-zones for Anonymous Location Based Services Query Time Scaling of Attribute Values in Interval Timestamped Databases Extracting Interesting Related Context-dependent Concepts from Social Media Streams using Temporal Distributions VERDICT: Privacy-Preserving Authentication of Range Queries in Location-based Services ExpFinder: Finding Experts by Graph Pattern Matching Tajo: A Distributed Data Warehouse System on Large Clusters

    4pm - 5:30pm

    R9 - Indexing structures (Ballroom 1)

    The Bw-Tree: A B-tree for New Hardware Platforms Secure and Efficient Range Queries on Outsourced Databases Using $\widehat{R}$-trees An Efficient and Compact Indexing Scheme for Large-scale Data Store

    4pm - 5:30pm

    R10 - Main memory query processing (St Germaine)

    Recycling in Pipelined Query Evaluation Efficient Many-Core Query Execution in Main Memory Column-Stores Main-Memory Hash Joins on Multi-Core CPUs: Tuning to the Underlying Hardware

    4pm - 5:30pm

    R11 - Data mining I (Bastille 1)

    Coupled Clustering Ensemble: Incorporating Coupling Relationships Both between Base Clusterings and Objects Focused Matrix Factorization For Audience Selection in Display Advertising Graph Stream Classification using Labeled and Unlabeled Graphs

    4pm - 5:30pm

    R12 - Moving objects (Bastille 2)

    T-Share: A Large-Scale Dynamic Taxi Ridesharing Service Efficient Notification of Meeting Points for Moving Groups via Independent Safe Regions Efficient Distance-Aware Query Evaluation on Indoor Moving Objects

    4pm - 5:30pm

    Seminar 4 (Odeon)

    Knowledge Harvesting from Text and Web Sources

    4pm - 5:30pm

    Industry 3 (Concorde)

    Pipe Break Prediction: A Data Mining Method SASH: Enabling Continuous Incremental Analytic Workflows on Hadoop Automating Pattern Discovery for Rule Based Data Standarization Systems

    4pm - 5:30pm

    Demo Groups 1 & 2 (Ballroom 2)

    Twitter+: Build Personalized Newspaper For Twitter A Generic Database Benchmarking Service Aeolus: An Optimizer for Distributed Intra-Node-Parallel Streaming Systems Crowd-Answering System via Microblogging With a Little Help from My Friends